[NTLK] Fwd: 3CCE589ET, Eudora, Simple Mail, Intel Mac, attachments

From: jg <atcnn2_at_yahoo.se>
Date: Sun Feb 18 2007 - 16:20:41 EST

>> From: jg <atcnn2@yahoo.se>
>> Date: February 18, 2007 11:15:08 PM GMT+02:00
>> To: newtontalk@newtontalk.net
>> Subject: 3CCE589ET, Eudora, Simple Mail, Intel Mac, attachments
>> I use my Newt as organiser (MoreInfo) and as notebook, not so much
>> for internet. Anyhow, I decided to try internet. Internet
>> connection works well with NetHopper. I use 3CCE589ET LAN card.
>> On other hand, I don't have any contact with my desktop, now. Can
>> I, using this ethernet card, connect my Intel Mac with the Newt?
>> I would need step-by-step instructions.
>> Secondly, I found Eudora and Simple Mail installed, both of them
>> (can them interact, any problem?). Eudora can receive but not
>> send. Does anyone has experiance from Eudora?
>> Simple Mail shows error messages when sending or receiving.
>> An other question: is it possible to import pkgs as attachments?
>> or documents as attachments?
>> I have my account at nerdshack.com.
>> John

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