[NTLK] Cingular phone + Bluetooth for internet

From: Sonya Hipper <sonyalynn_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Feb 22 2007 - 19:10:07 EST

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if there's anyone else on this list who's
currently using any Cingular GPRS/EDGE cell phone (but preferably a
Sony-Ericsson) and Blunt/Bluetooth to connect their Newt to the
internet? I had this working for the longest time, but after a
bizarre loss of cell-data connectivity and a successful fix from a
Cingular tech (for the phone and my MacBook Pro, anyway) my Newt
won't connect, despite my not having changed a single setting on the
Newt. ><

It looks to me like the phone is prematurely sending the "CONNECT"
signal to the Newt during the execution of the login script and then
dropping the BT connection (often hanging the BT on the phone so that
I have to power-cycle the phone to restore BT connectivity). I always
make sure to Get Services on the phone in Bluetooth Setup before
attempting to get online after any reset of the Newt. Also, none of
the variations on the Wiki page on the subject are working for me

If anyone else is currently having success with a similar setup to
mine (S-E S710a + MP2100 w/ Blunt 0.7.6 & Ambicom BT-2000-CF
bluetooth adapter), I would love to know all your settings on the
Newton side (and maybe the phone side, as well...)


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Sonya Hipper
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