[NTLK] 2000 vs 2100 performance benchmarks

From: Eldee Stephens <eldee_stephens_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 13:45:42 EST


after searching through the archives (and google), i haven't been able
to find any performance comparisons between various messagepad models
-- 120 vs 130, or 2000 vs 2100 for example. knowing that i will be
moving to either an upgraded MP2000 or acquiring a used MP2100 soon, i
wonder if the list would be interested in me performing some basic
'benchmarks' between those two units.

at present i'd like to focus on internet-related activity, but
certainly would open to any suggestions the list has. here is what i
have down so far to measure:

  I. web browser comparisons (using CNN.com, Y! mobile, and BBC mobile)
     a. nethopper
     b. courier
     b. lunasuite
 II. email performance (using simplemail)
     a. retrieving 5 messages (at ~4k per message)
     b. retrieving 5 messages (at ~20k per message)
     c. retrieving 20 messages (at ~4k per message)
III. VNC client refresh performance
 IV. leverage sort on 200 records

the reason why i focused on internet-related activities is because
these tasks stress the available heap, and thus impact performance.
i've never been a user a QuickFigure before, so i don't know if sorts
on large spreadsheets are slow enough to measure between the two units.
this is why i'll be using a 'large' leverage database for the
non-internet item at present.

obviously once this is done, i would post the results here and on the
web somewhere for people's review. i am also using this as an
opportunity to compare web browser performance quantitatively. please
let me know what experiments you think would be useful in comparing the
two units, keeping in mind we want tasks that soak up as much heap as

-- eldee

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