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Date: Sun Jul 01 2007 - 04:51:35 EDT

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> Sorry, I don't agree. IPhone is not Newton, not even honorary. IPhone
> is a mix of IPod+"allready existing mobile phone technology"+new way
> of using finger tips. It is not a "sound wave braking" device like
> Newton was. IPod was more revolutionary device than IPhone is.

I was thinking about this a few days ago, and I believe the iPhone may
be the PDA for the common man... a better, or at least more-Apple,
Newton. Consider what jobs the Newton performs as a digital assistant:
    1) Book reader
    2) Calendar with appointments
    3) Messagepad to write notes
    4) Contact information
    5) Email

There are more, but they tend to be tools favored by professionals. In
contrast, the iPhone provides:
    1) Person-to-person communication (phone, email, IM)
    2) Display and takes photos
    3) Plays music
    4) Surfs the web
    5) Plays videos

Now there's overlap, but it seems to me that the iPhone is a Newton for
the common man. It seems to be about enjoying life more than enjoying

I also think multi-touch is a better idea than a pen... the pen will
always take time, at least to get it out.

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