[NTLK] [FS] - 3 emates

From: Richard Lawson <lawson89_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 07:59:54 EDT

As much as it pains me, I have 3 emates with some accessories for sale.
I want to sale this as a package.

$90 for all plus shipping from 29316.

3 emates. 2 are functional, 1 does not turn on

All are in good cosmetic condition.

1 extra battery
1 genuine Newton AC charger
1 3com ethernet card
1 appletalk serial cable

I have lightly used one of the emates during a business trip and it
held charge fine during the day ( this was light usage, ie, take a few
notes, check calendar, etc).

I have *not* done the hinge repair on any of the units. The one I use
does not have a sticky or clicky hinge. The other functional unit does
have a sticky hinge so I have avoided using it and it should have the
repair done soon.

I will also throw in a Powerbook 540c with the Newton Connection Kit
installed at no charge if you like. This is for those folks who just
want to have somewhere to back up their data without futzing around
with emulating mac on windows or osx.

Please reply to me off list.


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