[NTLK] WWNC Conference Summary

From: Paul Guyot <pguyot_at_kallisys.net>
Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 01:51:45 EDT

Dear all,

Here is a summary of the WWNC 2007 event. The slides (I think) and
the videos (I am sure) will be available shortly on the web.

The programme is available here:

Japanese hardware specialist Ken Shimoda (Shimoken) demonstrated
various hardware repair including an explanation of the jaggies
problem and a fix using a special cleaning pen.
German developer Matthias Melcher demonstrated the latest version of
DyneTK, an open source and cross-platform NTK (Newton Toolkit)
replacement. Except for a bug that was quickly fixed during the
coneference and the ability to cope with projects involving native
code, I believe this is almost feature-complete and extremely good news.

On day Two, Japanese developer Makoto Nukui (GNUE) described what he
calls the Newton DNA that lives in several project. But the biggest
news was his demonstration of a cross-platform graphical toolkit
(like Qt) that allow one to build NewtonScript-based applications
running on MacOS X, GTK, Hildon (Nokia Internet Tablets) and of
course the Newton.

Finally, I presented Open Einstein. More about that in the next mail. :)



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