Re: [NTLK] DyneTK at the WWNC 2007

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 11:58:58 EDT

On Jul 9, 2007, at 5:13 PM, Mathew Howe wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 9, 2007 matthiasm wrote:
>>> And then you can use DyneTK
>> to fix that old bug you always wanted to fix.
>> The DyneTK slides are here:
>> And the DyneTK sources and binaries for OS X and MSWindowsare here:
> Are you Saying that DyneTK is now ready to replace NTK? Should I
> switch my development efforls from NTK to Dynetk?

DyneTK is alpha and will be for a while. That means that a few
important features are still missing, many little things re missing,
and you will see a number of crashes.

I will add and improve as I find the time, hoping that I will have a
Beta by November (all first-release features included, but still
buggy), and a final release by January. In the mean time, I would
like to ask active developers to test their projects on DyneTK and
send me a short mail if the project loaded at all, and if anything
useful came out.


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