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From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 13:15:15 EDT

On 7/10/07, James Grubic <> wrote:
> Either way, serious lack of thinking went into this aspect of the
> device. We all know the nightmares of dealing with fizzled Newton
> battery packs...and at least those were removable. I thought that Apple
> would have learned from their experiences.

As an OT subject let me say that the battery on the iPhone was designed just
as it should be (from the stand point of Apple). They are not selling to
people who want to change stuff. They are selling to people who want to use
stuff like the iPhone. And they are creating a market for themselves and
others to replace batteries. This is in my mind what companies do. They are
not here to create anything for you to tinker with but to use and if
anything needs to be repaired then it will either be repaired under
warranty, extended warranty or third party repairs. This helps prevent
damage by end users other than dropping or getting it wet... now many of us
may not like this or agree with the design but it's a very well orchestrated
product with many things taken into consideration. Maybe my points are not
all accurate but it's close IMO as this follows lead to the iPod and it's
battery. Apple handles it or you are out of warranty.

Besides - getting back to the topic of NEWTON. One thing Apple has learned
is that there are more people who are willing to use their products with the
on-screen keyboard. It's a fall back to what the masses on the norm will be
willing to buy and use. Though the Newton's HWR is far better than most on
the market it's not per se the direction of the masses. I would hope that IF
and WHEN a Newton Heir does hit the market that it will have the HWR as part
of it's core systems but it seems for the moment and near future that this
will not happen. We who like and use the Newton will for now have to move on
to New Hardware which with the announcement of Open Einstein and further
development of NTK replacements there will be possible light at the end of
the tunnel.

There are so many new Digital Video Players now on the market that I would
hope that one of them with a touch screen would be compatible. Though this
thought is a bit jaded but there is hope that a few years down the road
something would be usable...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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