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From: Roger Misteli <>
Date: Thu Jul 12 2007 - 03:08:39 EDT

> For the vast majority of the world, Newt HWR will never be more
> accurate, and in ease of learning Newt HWR wins only for the lucky
> seven people
> (all of whom are on this list) in the world who got perfect HWR
> accuracy out of
> the box with no practice whatsoever.

Eight people, eight.. I'm new to the Newton, so I don't know much of
it, but since I got it, it recognized everything. I mean... really..
my handwriting is usually not even recognizable by my mother, but the
Newton does it. And since I haven't found out how I can train the
bitch, I would suppose it did it by itself. I had an older 120 which
I didn't quiet like that well, because the recognition "out of the
box" was simply.. terrible. But the 2100 is really, really good.

Just to point that in, I wouldn't call it superioir to the iPhone.
The iPhone simply works different. Its like comparing the keyboard
with the mouse as a device for controlling interfaces. Both have
their advantages and their disadvantages. I'm faster with a keyboard,
but some things are very awkward with the keyboard. And then, I love
the HWR of the Newton, but since I'm faster with typing thatn I am
with writing, I would call the iPhone method faster. Which, however,
doesn't mean that I prefer it. I worked years now on a Sony Ericsson
P910 and its predecessors (I didn't upgrade to the P990 anymore, that
one was really crap), and I really prefer HWR with a phone. I don't
know what you guys have against Graffiti, of course its lame compared
to Newtons HWR, but its the best thing to fit a small screen. You
don't WANT to be able to write everywhere when you don0't have space
to write anyways. But alas.. I guess I will go fine with the iPhone
once its available in Europe (in case you wonder: my boss bought one
overseas and is playing around here with it.. and yes.. he knows
about roaming charges.. urghs ;-)


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