[NTLK] [FS] Newton 2100, eMate 300 + extras

From: Adam Ladds <aladds_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Jul 14 2007 - 16:48:15 EDT

I really have loved working with the Newton as a platform, I've
written a few pieces of software which use it, although it was mainly
a learning experience, just a 'Hello World' and a few other apps, but
I think it's time to move on, unfortunately. This is a very reluctant
sale though, so I'd like to know that it will be used by whoever buys

UK Buyers only please (for now)

The package:

Newton 2100 (not upgraded) with door flap, a little rubber has come
off under the display and there is some minor stylus damage on screen
(pervious owner used the on screen keyboard a lot) It has one screen
clip on the back (the top one).
Serial Dongle
Replacement stylus (I never got the aluminium one)
X-Jack PCMCIA Modem (the connector is a bit stiff, the original
ribbon broke so I replaced it with a couple of short pieces of wire,
it works just fine, but putting it in/out is stiffer than you'd expect
20MB Storage Card
AA Battery Cage
Ethernet Card
Power Supply (Newton, 9W)
Wavelan Driver Licence (although now it's open source that's less
useful I guess)

eMate 300 (upgraded) (with 4 2000mAh rechargeable batteries in a
tray, and the original battery pack if you want it, it lasts only
about a day though)
8MB Flash card
Power Supply (Newton, 9W)

Neither Power supply has the original Newton UK plug adaptor, but

I'll supply both filled with Ethernet/Internet Drivers installed and
configured for you :-) I've also got a backup CD of lots of Newton
programs I made (mainly from UNNA) somewhere If you'd like it.

Pictures on request

I'm asking in the region of 250 ono for the whole lot. If you want
just the 2100 or eMate I'm happy to part them out, but I'd prefer not
to split up individual bits. If that's unreasonable then I'll accept
offers that you think are.

If you want to collect it, I'm in Cambridgeshire. If not then postage
will probably be about 20 for the lot (that's a guess mind you)

Let me know if you're interested :-)

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