Re: [NTLK] Stefan Auweiler/NewtSMS+

From: Giulio Marchi <>
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 12:22:18 EDT

Il giorno 17/lug/07, alle 14:47, Andreas ha scritto:
> I undusted my Nokia Card Phone 2 and used it with NewtSMS+, written by
> Stefan Auweiler.
> <>
> Anyone had a contact with him recently?

Hi Andreas,

Actually I have no news about that but I would really like to have some.

I have 2100s and a Nokia Card that I use occasionally with the Nokia
driver and some time ago I wanted to give NewtSMS a try. So I made some
search but I could not even find the installer. I just found some old
messages on the list from people stating either that they had the
installer or even that they had an installer without any time limit!

Today I did another search (on the list and on the web) but apparently
the result was not that different. I could only find the description
and this other page from which I requested a copy of the application
(no reply yet)
<> ("Newton" link)

So, while waiting for some more acknowledgeable guy, may I know where
you got your NewtSMS? By the way, was it shareware, free-ware,
abandon-ware, ...?



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