Re: [NTLK] OSX import alternative?

From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Wed Jul 18 2007 - 18:19:17 EDT

Woody Smith wrote:
> I have had better luck using the Internet Dock included with earlier
> versions. I will send that to you off list. use os 9 to install
> then it will replace the Appletalk option, if you are using some form
> of ethernet.
> If you are connecting via serial then the problem is probably your
> serial driver.
I'm using ethernet.

I forgot that the latest 10.4 update broke Appletalk. I can't connect
to my Tiger machine now from either of my OS9 G4's, both of which are
for audio production. That REALLY messed up my normal workflow.

Paul Braun
Valparaiso, IN
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