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From: Steve Scotten <>
Date: Thu Jul 19 2007 - 15:38:48 EDT

I'm sorry, I guess it wasn't much help, and I don't mean that you should
stop looking at other troubleshooting avenues. I just meant that you may
have to live with your machine performing frustratingly slowly for the
duration of the sync. Believe me, I've been there and I know it's no fun
to have a machine in the "type a letter and wait 30 seconds for it to
show on screen" mode, and I didn't mean to be unsympathetic.

Something I remember helping back in the days when I had to run multiple
slowdown.exe instances was running several instances at minimum
slowdown, then notching them each up until I found a setting that
worked. You may have better success with ten instances of slowdown
running at 20% than two running at 100%---at least I did.


Richard Henderson wrote:
> So, for fear of sounding rude (and that's not my intention), how does this
> reply help in any way?
> Are you trying to tell me there are NO XP users on here syncing their
> newtons to their outlook contacts/etc. using relatively current hardware?
> Because we all know that running that many instances of slowdown won't work.
> If you have any suggestions to help, please, I'd love to hear them!
> On 7/19/07, Steven Scotten <> wrote:
>> Making your computer unusable is the point of slowdown.exe. Do you
>> think that you could run XP on the machines that were state of the
>> art when Newt got discontinued?
>> The good news is that it only makes your computer unusable
>> temporarily. You can sync, quit, and go back to your normal life.
>> I think on my old 350Mhz Athlon II I had to run three instances of
>> slowdown.exe in order to sync the Newt. Your Centrino is probably at
>> least five times as fast. If it weren't for the additional overhead
>> of XP over Win98 you'd need ten or fifteen instances. So I doubt two
>> will do the trick.
>> Good luck,
>> Steve

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