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As Lord Groundhog said

> Move to Europe and the story is different, at least in most of it. I'm
> currently living in the UK, and I've never paid for a phone, from my first
> one to the present. They were all free with my subscriptions.

Much the same in downunderland. The telcos Telstra and Optus (SingTel)
give away phones to subscribers. You can also buy but if its free its
good enough for me. The K800i was great as I could easily put the MP4
QuickTime movies and jpegs on it. Now I have a Nokia with a micro SD
card and it replaces the tiny new shuffle for music. I havent
succeeded in playing movies yet.

So I carry my MP2100, iPod 80GB, Nintendo DSLite, PSP, Nokia and a
couple of fountain pens wherever I go. I have a PBG4 TiBook (due for
replacement) and just now using NCX. I still have the trusty PowerMac
7200 for NCU which always works and is on the network. I dont use my
newts (2 emates and MP2100) for email or web, as the PSP wifi is far

In 2 years time the iPhone might be offer free and then...

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