[NTLK] SMS Centre on SIM

From: Andreas <MessagePad2000_at_laposte.net>
Date: Mon Jul 23 2007 - 10:23:30 EDT

Hi NewtonTalk,

Maybe Christian knows the answer to this question :

how do I get the SMS Centre phone number on the SIM card, so I may use it
with NewtSMS+ ?

When using the Nokia Card Phone suite on MacOS 9.2.2, the SMSC number is
stored on the Mac.

When using my W810i, the number is stored on the phone memory.

So, when inserting the Nokia Phone Card in my Newton, there's no valid
SMSC number. I>Prefs shows 'SMSC : 00000000000', and says on tapping the
number that the SMSC should be set up on the phone...

I may indeed edit phone entries on the SIM card using the Nokia suite on
my PowerBook, but in that case what is the name that has to be associated
with the number (in my case for Orange France : +33689004000)?

Thanks for your help. It's the last step in exploring the NewtSMS+ package.

Best regards,


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