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From: Steven Frank <>
Date: Tue Jul 24 2007 - 20:10:02 EDT

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On Jul 24, 2007, at 3:34 PM, Kate Case wrote:

>>> Would any users of the N800 care to comment on the PIM applications
>>> that are available for it? Are they any good?
> Just to clarify I mean the third party ones that are available, not
> the built in ones

Well, there aren't any built-in ones, so that's easy. :) (OK,
there's a very basic address book that associates names and email
addresses together for the email client.)

I briefly toyed around with one of the calendar apps, but I believe
it was a desktop Linux app that had been ported to the device, and it
really didn't make the transition well. The interface was pretty
crammed together, and the N800's UI ("Hildon") sort of hobbles
everything from the outset with inconsistent menu behavior, no clear
style guide, and a highly technical, function-over-form developer base.

As we know as Newton users, desktop apps don't make good pen apps.

Most of the N800 software is open source, and for all the great
things that open source provides, they are pretty rough in both
functionality and looks. I guess they arguably do what they say they
do, but I sure wouldn't want to use them for any serious work.

I don't mean to sound so disparaging about the device. It does do a
number of somewhat useful things, but whenever I play with the thing,
all I see are acres of unrealized potential.


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