[NTLK] Games For May

From: Seb Payne <seb_at_sebpayne.com>
Date: Sat Jul 28 2007 - 11:53:49 EDT

.....See Emily Play! Just a joke there - who gets it? :) Anyway I'm
off to Italy in a few hours with my trusty eMate by my side (I've got
MailV installed for emails to use with my Google Mail account
forwarded to Fastmail for IMAP). I was wondering for any suggestions
for a few good games I could install to help pass the time traveling?

I looked through UNNA and there are far too many for me to choose
from. I'd like a handful to install
                          of different natures/types - just let me
know what people enjoy playing and what's good! I tried some
drug-related game and thought it was pretty lame.


Seb Payne - seb@sebpayne.com
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