[NTLK] So close yet so so far

From: Andy Hill <adhill_at_fastmail.co.uk>
Date: Sun Jul 29 2007 - 16:20:29 EDT

Hi there
This is not now not an ordinary post, it's a plea! I'm so close to
getting my Nokiacard phone to work with NewtSMS. Please advise.

If I attempt to send an SMS message, NewtSMS goes through all the right
sequences from: 'SMS start', 'preparing modem', 'checking pin', all the
way to 'sending SMS' then 'waiting for acknowledgement', but that's as
far as it goes?

If I attempt to do this a second time, it hangs earlier in the sequence,
unless I go to storage and delete the SMSWorkSoup. Then it will go all
the way to 'waiting for acknowledgement' again.

All this happens even if I remove the sim card which suggests it isn't
really being connected with at all.

Using the same Nokia card and Sim I successfully sent a text message
using a very old windows laptop.

Can anyone suggest what might I might be doing wrong?

The Modem check function in NewtSMS also states all the right things as

Pin status: ok
Nokia mobile phone
Type: Nokia Cardphone RPM-1
GSM 900/1800
SW: Sw5.11
Ser Nr: etc etc
SMS mode: text, PDU

Another peculiarity is that when I delete the package and the storage,
there is nothing else visible when using SAI Pref Cleaner, however when
I reinstall the package again the test recipients I previously chose
always comes up again as choices, which suggests some prefs are being
retained but I can't see them with SAI Pref Cleaner.

Last but not least when I attempt to log into the internet using the
card it goes through all the usual sequences, and after dialling the
access number says, 'No Answer'? Despite using the same access number
with an ordinary modem card and telephone cable?

This is driving me nuts but for some strange reason I have this
rediculous desire to solve this mystery and get the thing working.

By the way would anyone, preferably in the UK, be willing to take a look
at it and try it out of their Newt if I paid for postage both ways and
sent the SIM?

Many thanks for any hints.

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