Re: [NTLK] Writer from Low End Mac - New eMate owner with Q's...

From: Robert JA Basilio Jr <>
Date: Mon Jul 30 2007 - 01:20:58 EDT

Hi all:
I love the eMate as well. Except that to this day, I have yet to see
clear-cut, idiot-proof instructions on how to connect it with OSX. Tried all
the other apps: nothing. The eMate wouldn't even come up on my wife's
PowerBook nor on my first gen iMac running 10.3. But then again, that's me.
If I had more time I would collate all information regarding Newton OS and
OSX connectivity and try it all myself. Except that it's difficult to do all
that since I'm juggling all sorts of other writing jobs, feeding the cat,
keeping house, etc. :)

Robert in Manila

Waste your time some more, my friend

On 7/30/07, Marcus Hammerschmitt <> wrote:
> At 17:26 29.07.2007, you wrote:
> >I even wrote an article
> >recently about the eMate 300 which included a plug for
> >and ;-) You can check it out by coping and pasting this
> >into your browser:
> Totally agree with you on the useability as a typewriter, partially
> because of the lack of distraction. But the keyboard is one of the best
> I ever used too, with battery life, portability and instant on as extra
> bonuses.
> I use it every day for writing articles, stories and novels.

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