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From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Mon Jul 30 2007 - 08:51:04 EDT

SoloDX is awesome. I mean I found it VERY addictive and one of the
things I keep my Newton around for in days where I don't use the Newton
all that much.

You have the whole Z game library of text adventures available with YAZI
(Yet Another Z Interpreter) which would include the Underground Kingdom
of Zork series, Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy, ect.

NewtHack is a fun version of NetHack, a game where you pick up weapons,
get armor, fight monsters. Take this game and the ModPlayer for a
little background music and this is a fun experience.

There is Newtendo, which is a Nintendo emulator. Works ok. :)

Liked Subpatrol, Lunar Lander is interesting... I remember there was a
boxing game for the Newton at one time but I didn't actually see that

There was an action pack that had some cheezy names to avoid copyright
infringement like "Birds & Lances" (Joust), "Rocks in Space"
(Asteriods), and "Frogs & Flies" (Frogger). I love Joust but that
version, mainly due to having to tap the screen to flap just bit hard!
But those games are there.

Motile!! Now there was a good game for the Newton. You set up the
course of events in a room and launch this guy to go through all the
events to the end. Kinda like "Chip's Challenge" in a loose way.

They have other standards or the Newton, like Shanghai, Minesweeper, and
ones like that.

DeepSpaceNewt was a fun Star Trek game kinda like the Star Trek games
that have been created for computers since the beginning of home
computers. In this one you can either play the Federation or Klingon
ship. The Klingon ship gets to cloak, but a bit weaker. :)

And for the Tomagachi fan, there is "Fishbowl" a cute little app where
you feed a fish in a bowl, and occationally he says something in
Japanese that I don't understand. So he is probably saying "Stop
feeding me, I'm starting to breath fishfood" in which I go "Awwwww" and
give him more food.

Glider was fun. And BRICKS!!! How could I forget that... the breakout
game for the Newton. That has some great action.

These are the games that I found memorable. There are many other games
and quite a few promising games that never left the alpha and beta

Doc Clu

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