Re: [NTLK] New Palm Device (flop?)

From: John Chu <>
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 06:20:10 EDT

>> On May 31, 2007, at 4:41 AM, John Chu wrote:
>> I can buy a refurbished Macbook for $899 these days which has about
>> 3.5 hours of battery life, and can run Windows, Linux and OSX.
>> Why would anyone want to pay $500 for a mini laptop that is too
>> underpowered to play media, and has Linux of some kind only and an
>> unknown processor type/speed?

I'd just like to point out that somewhere along the way, my name got
attributed to this text. I didn't write this. I actually think the
Foleo can find a market if Palm gets enough people to buy into their
paradigm change. However, since I don't really do the smartphone
thing at all, I doubt I'll be one of them.

(I will also be extremely surprised if the Foleo can't handle audio
or video. The ability to do mobile video is really important to
people if the web reaction is any indication.)


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