Re: [NTLK] Works export

From: Don V. Zahniser <>
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 11:25:46 EDT

On or about 6/1/07, Matt Howe wrote:

>The spreadsheet function of Works is an add on called Quick Figure Works. In
>order to import or export a QF spreadsheet to Excel, you have to use QF
>Exchange. I use version 3.0 which works great. There is a pkg you need to
>load on your Newton and a Macro you need to install on your target Excel

Although a bit convoluted, you can also email the spreadsheet as text,
or use the Desktop transport to send the file to your PC via a serial
connection. The data ends up in a tabular format, with the formulas
intact, but with an additional leading tab character on each line. You
can then copy it into a text editor or word processor, strip off the
leading tab character in each line, then copy/paste into a spreadsheet
application. I have used this approach using the following applications
as tools:

PC - Word/Excel
Mac - AppleWorks 6, and also NeoOffice

I posted more detailed instructions in early April. You can check the
list archives.

Don V. Zahniser
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