[NTLK] Idea: Newton Widget ~= Newton on iPhone?

From: RossO <newton_at_ordersomewherechaos.com>
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 11:45:51 EDT

It looks more and more like widgets are going to be the primary way
of adding third-party software to the iPhone. At D: Steve went on
about how they're trying to get 3rd party software to work on the
machine and not crash it and also about how the full version of
Safari is on there as well.

Follow my logic:
        The iPhone has Safari,
        Safari is powered by WebKit,
        WebKit also powers the OS X Dashboard,
        Dashboard widgets are made out of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,
        Apple released an entire Widget development tool called DashCode,
        DashCode widgets can do lots of very interesting things,
        JavaScript is the one programing language that Apple could use to
prevent runaway apps
        Runaway and other bad apps are a priority for Apple to prevent on
the iPhone.


        If someone makes a Newton Emulation Widget that works in the
Dashboard (or even just simulates the interface) that person will
have achieved the holy grail of getting the Newton interface on an
updated Apple handheld device.

Just a thought,


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