Re: [NTLK] Updated Blunt to Latest Versions & SLVR

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Sat Jun 02 2007 - 16:35:38 EDT

On 23. May 2007, at 18:31, David Deranian wrote:

> Now with this latest version of Bluetooth Setup, everything I try
> to do causes the Newton to restart it self. If I tap on "Discover",
> Newton restarts, and when I return I see my cell phone (a Motorola
> SLRV) has in fact been discovered and appears in the overview list.
> When I try to go to the next step which is to pair the two devices,
> the Newton reboots it self again. When I return to Bluetooth Setup
> after the forced reboot, the two devices are not paired. This is as
> far as I've been able to get.

It might very well be that the SLVR tries to do something else at the
point of pairing, e.g. figure out which services the Newton offers.
Blunt is trying to just get away with the minimum functionality at
that point, and that might not be good enough.

Can you give Blunt 2 ( a try?
It won't be too useful in general, but it would help to see if the
above is true. Blunt 2 is pretty much a rewrite, and I hope to be
able to get to finishing it soon (yeah, right ;).


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