[NTLK] eMate with Newton Connection X

From: Seb Payne <seb_at_sebpayne.com>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2007 - 07:41:41 EDT

Hi Everyone

My own eMate has arrived! Thanks to to all those who made me offers
from the list but I've managed to find one at a very good price that
has its hinge already fixed.
Iit came with a ethernet card already working and I managed
(eventually!) to get it connected to NCU on Classic. I decided to
install the InternetDock.pkg so I could use Newton Connection X on my
MacBook Pro.

However, now the 'AppleTalk' option has removed from the connection
options in the Dock application. I've managed to get it connected a
few times but mostly, it runs out of memory and comes up with errors
'0' and during a backup, NCX closed without any error at all. I think
this may not be the optimal way to talk with me eMate. The options are
(as I see them):

a.) Use NCU with AppleTalk on my PowerBook
b.) Use NCX with InternetDock on my MBP (preferred option but doesn't
seem a good idea!)
c.) Something involving a serial cable

I'd rather avoid using a serial cable because I don't have any Macs
with a serial port, making communication difficult and converters are
needed. What is recommended? How do other users connect to their

I'm wanting to get notes off the machine in a readable format on OS X
and I was hoping to do some sort of syncing for Address Book and iCal.
Any thoughts?


Seb Payne - seb@sebpayne.com
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