[NTLK] Errors I forgot to mention with Newton Connection X!

From: Seb Payne <seb_at_sebpayne.com>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2007 - 07:59:11 EDT

Sorry - some of the errors I get with the eMate include (mostly come
in rapid succession of each other):

An Internet Error beginning with 035
0C433FBO (then out of memory!)
Internet Error -443486208

What do these errors mean?

Then the Newton crashed! After it reset itself, it connected fine and
exported all the Notes without problem. I then did a full backup and
it worked fine! It seemed to loose the connection but I managed to
import a simple vCard after that. When I connected for the second
time, multiple errors appeared before it connected. Stability seems to
be slightly better on the PowerBook under OS X 10.4 rather than my
MacBook Pro.

Seb Payne - seb@sebpayne.com
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