Re: [NTLK] Help and advice for a sort of newbie please

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Mon Jun 04 2007 - 15:34:59 EDT

I have some of the answers you are looking for, but not all.
  Your question about platforms is foreign to me. My Newton is completly autonomous. Sure, there is duplication, but I look at my Newton as being the master list since it NEVER looses any of its information...ever! So I may have a duplicated list of contacts or whatnot, but I am confident that my Newton will have it's content regardless of whatever other platform I may be using. As such, the only synching I ever do is I email my Newton address book entries and use DragNDropNames to place them into my address book.
  I've owned a Motorola Marco, which is basically a Newton 110 in Motorola dress with an Ardis wireless modem built in. I have to comparison to a MP120 2.0 there is no comparison...and then comparing it to a mp2x00? Again, no comparison. I have a handwriting that my teachers back in highschool called the in-crackable code. I was mandated that all written assignments were to be done on typewriter (no computers back then) or I would fail the assignment. You've heard of the Apache code talkers? Well, I wasn't Apache, but I wrote in code that only myself and my mother could read...
  That said, I get better than 96% recognition. With add-ons like Alt-rec, Corrector+ and liberal use of expansions, I easily get 99% and better recognition...Sure, it takes a while for the Newton to learn, but it eventually "gets it".
  I find your next inquiries to be somewhat interesting.
  Alot of people are of the mistaken opinion that they can compare the Newton to other similar devices on the market...and this statement is interesting as well since there are NO similar devices to the Newton. While you may be able to categorize the Newton with a broad sweep of the PDA brush (since the Newton created the product category to begin with), comparing the Newt to "things" like a Nokia-anything, or Palm-anything is like comparing a Swiss Army Knife to a sharpened stone.Sure, you may be able to get a sharpened stone to skin a buffalo, but can it pull the cork out of a bottle of Chablis to drink with your buffalo steaks?
  Care must be taken to not lump the Newton into the unwashed masses understanding of what a PDA is and does. Too many people exposed to the likes of a Palm, or a Blackberry think that the Newton is nothing more than more of the "same-'ole same-'ole". they can't be further from the truth.
  I recently got for work (assigned by work) a cingular 8500...Nice toy, really...and there are some things I can use like the Remote Desktop and the constant connectivity...(one of the things I miss on my Marco) but I find it difficult to use and highly un-intuitive...clunky really...Obviously showing it's desktop roots...unlike the Newt which has no roots to any OS...other than it's own.
  I suggest that you make the effort and check out an MP2x00 and feel what a reall personal device can do for you. It's sad that the platform ended with the 2100!
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David Foley <> wrote:
  Hi everyone - I'm relatively new to the list and have enjoyed looking round
the FAQ and other interesting pages - I'd be really grateful for some real
world advice and experience please.
I bought and still have one of the 110s but this suffered with power
problems pretty much from the outset.

It has lain dormant for many years but a few days ago my interest was
rekindled so I reinstalled some batteries and - after several false starts -
it powered up again. Fairly frequent turning of it on and off has not lead
to any power difficulties now though.

Because my kids' schools both use Windows to the exclusion of everything
else I have to run a Windows machine as my main machine here at home. So,
is it worth me getting a 2000 or 2100 to run with a Windows machine and
would someone with my fairly limited knowledge be able to get it working on
a wireless network here at home.

Also, is the HWR better on the 2000/2100 than the 110? What percentage
accuracy do you get?

My major use of the Newton would be note-taking which I would then tidy up
on the desktop I guess. I've looked at the Nokia N800 but it doesn't seem
to offer what I would want although wireless connectivity would be pretty
straightforward I guess. Or should I just wait for a real Apple slate (or a
linux slate???)

Am enjoying reading all the mails even though I don't understand all of
them!! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Best Wishes from the UK

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