Re: [NTLK] "Paper-based computing"? Or just overlooking the obvious (Newton)?

From: jg <>
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 05:33:38 EDT

Jobs/Gates interview

This interview is too much operetta and to little every-day reality.
They lost 50% of time on jokes and good atmosphere.

What I miss in Jobs/Gates interview is:

1/ Presence of OpenSouce Technologies
2/ Discussion about role of Linux
3. Fiasco of system 9 and Vista and necessity of implementing Unix in
4. Everyday problem for everyone: spam, hackers. What they want to do
about it?
5. Handwriring recognition? Voice recognition?
6. Environmental issues?
7. Costs of computers?
8. Bugs in the software? What about it?
9. Transatlantic societies are getting older. They do nothing.

And so on.

It looks like we will get a lot of gadgets (Jobs) and to little of
improvements in desktop computers or laptops. How long we will carry
3kg laptop getting hot like 500W heater. We use computers for emails,
internet, writing and counting: like Apple II. Everyone would
appreciate 1kg 14 inch laptop. Simple system and simple computer.
Jobs could do it before. Why make system more complicated.

Boys wake up!


On 3-Jun-07, at 6:27 PM, Alex Santos wrote:

> You should watch 'all things Digital', they interviewed Steve Jobs
> and Bill Gates, and MS is, according to Gates spending millions on
> research. Also on their list of videos is an amazing pen only product
> which is used for notes. It's a very impressive piece of technology.
> Here are the videos,
> bill-gates-together-part-1-of-7/ enjoy!
> For fun here is Apple's predictions is 1998 for computing by 2010,
> aka knowledge navigator.
> docid=-5144094928842683632
> Alex
> On Jun 2, 2007, at 6:49 PM, jg wrote:
>> First of all it is old news. Secondly, instead of caring only my
>> tablet I have to carry this "Pen" and my tablet??? I prefare to carry
>> my tablet, only. I would suggest to spend more time on making the
>> tablet as light as paper, screen readable in e-ink technology and not
>> to use paper at all (think about environment) . What about HWR? Can
>> computer read any handwriting?? I don't think so.
>> At the moment I don't see any device better than Newton which can be
>> used to take notes and for HWR. And is under 0.5kg.
>> John

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