Re: [NTLK] Newton Press and Connections solved. Book interest?

From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 12:35:00 EDT

well if we knew what it was about ....

oh and there are other repositories besides UNNA, UNNA is in transition
with a new caretaker and he's got some work to do. poor boy, he's got a
bit of work to do but I've no doubt he'll get it.


opps I gotta finish brushing up, got a exam this afternoon.



Wes Loder wrote:
>> Wes Loder wrote:
>>> Thanks to everyone for the help with Newton Press & connecting the
>> <snip> yeah there's a bunch of helpful folks out there who know good 'stuff'
>>> Anyway, if anyone is interested in any of my writings, let me know, I
>>> might mail you a copy. Cheers, WES
>> I THINK?? (oh oh better watch out ;-) there is a repository for newton
>> books if your willing to share.
>> william
> Ah, but how does one post such a missive to the repository? I see the
> list of book titles on UNNA. Not too impressive a selection. I think
> I would rather the work go to one or two individuals first to gage
> interest. Any takers? WES

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