Re: [NTLK] Newton Press freezing

From: R A Parker <>
Date: Sat Jun 09 2007 - 14:35:00 EDT

On Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 5:03 am Andy Hill wrote:

> Many thanks for the link. Unfortunately
> I tried all the suggestions to
> no avail.

Me too... I just spent this morning experimenting and I'm going to change
my tune. This brought back all the frustrations, all over again. With the
format set to 2100, I couldn't paste any more than a couple of graphics.

My best guess is Newton Press' use of the Claris XTND System. I really
can't imagine the programmers releasing something like this as functional
software. There must be a Holy Grail setup that NP will work with... Arrgh!
Maybe some Google research into Claris XTND.

> One thing I have noticed is that
> if I set, in NP preferences classic
> mode, it never crashes.

My one big book I created was a classic format with bitmapped graphics. It
was an enormous project: The US Army Field Manual for Maps and Navigation.
I finished it but not without learning about Newton Press instability.

> However the resolution is not good
> enough and only allows for black and
> white images. However when I change
> this to MP2*000 Portrait which I need
> that's when it crashes

> Do you have any more suggestions on this?

OK... let's approach this from a different angle. Have you thought about
Newt's Cape? I've been having really good success with moving text and
graphics into my Newton with this application. In fact, I'm of the opinion
that this application... may just be... the Saviour (continuing on the Holy
Grail theme) for all things eBook, at least on the Newton.

Stability! Beyond belief. With some simple HTML, you can create some very
complex documents. Including Jpgs or animated Gifs. Tables for columnar
formatting. Table of Contents overviews. Multiple formats, multiple
documents linking to each other... the list goes on. But, a steeper
learning curve.


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