[NTLK] On which Mac OS was Newton Press stable re graphics

From: Andy Hill <adhill_at_fastmail.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jun 11 2007 - 07:33:57 EDT

It seems from reading the archives that people started to report
problems with Newon Press (on a Mac) when they upgraded to OS9.1 and
from there on. There are various thoughts about this being a result of
Claris translators but no definite solutions and a mixed bag of good and
bad experiences.

Before I give up on this and go with a bookmaking alternative, like
Newtscape etc, I want to load OS8.5 or 8.6 to see if this performs
trouble free. It must have been able to do what it says on the tin as
some point in time.

Does anyone in the UK/Europe have a copy they could lend me for this
purpose, which I'd send back by return of post. I'll pay postage. Please
let me know off list.

Just to clarify the problem. When incorporating a small PICT graphic
into Newton Press in any mode, other than Classic, it crashes. There's
no problem with just text, and no similar problem when using a PC.

I'd welcome any other thoughts on this.


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