Re: [NTLK] lucent wavelan & internet

From: Alan Fleming <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 16:02:10 EDT

Aw heck - I was about to post a message asking why my Newt had
stopped speaking to my wireless network. This will be it.

I suppose the only way to get around this and retain some security is
to mac-lock the network the Newt's on?


On 9 Jun 2007, at 05:20, Tony Kan wrote:

> Michael
> Go through the instructions on the wiki very carefully installing
> in the order
> that it suggests. I think that you are missing one or two packages
> from that
> list. That worked for me, I have it installed on both an Emate and
> a 2100. I
> think that there are several models of the WaveLAN available. You
> should be
> using the silver or gold PCMCIA models. Unfortunately you can't
> register the
> driver any more but that just means you can't encrypt using WEP.
> Cheers
> Tony

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