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From: Joel M. Sciamma <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 19:16:49 EDT


> I have the battery pack that you put regular AA cells in it. I have
> some Duracells in it now, but plan on using NiMH AA cells. I have a
> charger and was wondering if I put the NiMH cells in it, if the
> MP2000 would recharge in it? If not, is there a mod I can do to make
> it charge?

No, they wont charge with the battery tray, and I personally would
recommend that you charge the cells externally instead of using the
Newt to do it.

The Newt charges the cells in series which accelerates their
deterioration with time and puts quite a load on the charging
circuits, which I consider better avoided given the age of the
machines, as well as generating heat and taking some time with the
higher capacity cells around now.

Much better is to get a good quality external charger that treats
each cell individually - a 30 or 60 minute charger is ideal - and use
your power supply to keep the Newt powered up while you swap one set
of cells for another.

You'll have a much faster turn-around time, a cooler, less stressed
Newt and longer life from your cells.


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