[NTLK] eMate hinge repair

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Sat Jun 16 2007 - 17:33:38 EDT

Since recently the never-ending story popped up again...

Here's what someone sent me the day after I suggested he should
fix the hinges as soon as possible:

> Hehehe, your timing was impeccable. Here's how my luck went:
> Day 1: Plugged in eMate, played with it, and decided to fix
> the battery.
> Day 2: Found your site and succeeded in building new pack.
> Day 3: Showed off eMate to friends, read about hinge problem,
> and decided to fix on Day 4.
> Day 3.8: Tried to finish typing letter on eMate before bed,
> and found digitizer stopped responding.
> Day 4: eMate fully apart according to your guide -- cable
> has at least two damaged traces.
> You definitely told me so! It would have been nice if the
> hinge had given me one more day, but it wasted little time.
> Repairing that cable (and reassembling the unit) isn't
> likely to be easy or particularly fun.

Morale of story: Do not wait a single day. Do not hope that
applying a drop of oil will fix things for any time worth
mentioning. Take the eMate apart, take the hinges apart,
clean them, fix the springs, re-grease them and reassemble.

Instructions are here:


If you do not feel up to it, have someone do it for you. Do
not wait. Do it now. Both Woody and myself offer this repair
at a reasonable fee. Woody is the person to go to if you are
in the USA, myself if you are in Europe, since this will reduce
shipping cost.


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