[NTLK] eMate hinge repair

From: <mkow1234_at_aol.com>
Date: Sun Jun 17 2007 - 22:37:07 EDT

I have repaired a half-dozen eMates, and I have never had to sever or solder any wires. Granted, the wires between the circuit boards do not leave one much room to work, but it's not impossible to do.
For me, a more difficult task was the removal of a small machine screw that held one of the circuit boards in place. In one or two cases, I used a Dremel cutting wheel and applied some "creative dentistry" to the problem.

As far as deliberating about if and when to perform the repair, I'd say don't be foolish -- open the case and take a look at the hinge springs. There are several people who perform the repair for a reasonable cost. No wishful thinking -- just buy your eMate some insurance and get the hinges looked over.

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan USA

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