[NTLK] net hopper error question

From: Wes Loder <mwl2_at_email.psu.edu>
Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 10:04:19 EDT

I was able to successfully get on the web with the Lucent WaveLAN
card and net hopper. As I suspected, hardware was not the problem.
Nor was any of the software once loaded internally instead of on a
card (net hopper is still on a card). But I was used to a Mac where
going wireless is as simple as choosing the system. As the slogan
says "It just works." I had to enter the base station code and got it
right the second time :-(. But I also found that it only seems to
work if my laptop and other computers are off. Maybe the signal is
too weak otherwise. Not exactly a speed demon either.
Cheers, WES

Michael Wescott Loder
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