Re: [NTLK] Catastrophic hinge repair?

From: Douglas Johnston <>
Date: Sun Jun 24 2007 - 20:30:59 EDT

On 24-Jun-07, at 5:45 PM, Sonny Hung wrote:

> On 6/24/07, Woody Smith <> wrote:
>> You need a fresh sharp screwdriver and firm pressure to avoid
>> stripping them.

That sounds like a perfectly good idea. However, this was only the
second time using this particular Phillips, and the first time with
these Torx. I'm thinking that two or three of the screws already
looked a little worn (one in the centre of the motherboard and two
holding the LCD), so I'm guessing someone might have already gotten
part of the way through a hinge fix with this machine.

> 2) Before you tighten the screws I usually reverse turn the screws
> till I feel or hear a click when the screw threads fall into place.
> This is most helpful when tightening screws that are gripping a
> plastic thread body.

This is definitely something I'll remember the next time.

My, those hinges feel nice and smooth now. These were as stiff as
week-old road kill before. ;-)

Thanks for your help and suggestions, folks!

all my best,

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