Re: [NTLK] Fwd: Heap errors and restart problems

From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 2007 - 20:49:13 EDT

My WAG: the 2 problems are related, and imply there is a problem with
1 or more soups... Absent a soup-repair utility, it may need a full

On 25. Jun, 2007, at 20:30, Brendan Chenelle wrote:

>> I have my newton 2100 and I am trying to mess around with madmax MP3
>> codec. I have every package frozen except for the required internet
>> packages and avi' backdrop and it still gives me an out of heap
>> error.
>> Also, when I hit the restart button on my newton it takes a lot of
>> work to get it to boot again. I am required to hit the reset button
>> and the power button in succession for at least 5 minutes...

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