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From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 04:37:06 EST

At 08:16 05.11.2007, you wrote:
>is it possible that you might provide a short abstract or summary for those of us that are (sadly) not German speaking? The article sounds interesting…

A warning first: The Nokia CardPhone 2.0, pivotal for pulling off this little stunt, doesn't work in the US.

Here we go:

- Headline and sub-headlines read: "Newton Calling - the >NewtPhone< as an affordable alternative to the iPhone? About telephony on an Apple handheld of yesteryear which was never made for telephony"

- In the opening paragraph I talk about how I hate mobiles. Granted, they can be useful, but I don't want to be disturbed by incoming calls anywhere, anytime. What solution to this dilemma?

- Well, Newtontalk provides: There's a prog called NewtSMS+ which I'd known for some time. What I'd missed: you can call and receive calls too.

- Went online and bought the required hardware. Loaded NewtSMS+. Cobbled everything together. Test called my answering machine via "NewtPhone".

- Talked about this in my Blog:

and on Newtontalk:

- Got tuawed:

To my amazement, that story started to travel the world, getting blogged in Italy, Argentina, Sweden, France. Funny how heated some of the discussions on this grew (some suspected it of being a fake), and how the blogosphere distorted it while on the road. Boingboing took the cake when they called me a "hacker".

- I close with some musings about why this generated so much attention, when the "NewtPhone" solution is so easy and has been available since 2002. It must have been the iPhone angle of course - seeing a low cost, retro-tech solution to telephony on an Apple handheld without a SIM lock and that "bricking" nonsense angered some people who'd never heard of Newtons before.

- The last lines explain technical stuff, like which Newton models to use, the restriction to Europe and such.




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