Re: [NTLK] Greetings from a R. V. Winkle and a Request for Assistance (connection-related)

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 10:08:15 EST

On 11/6/07, Steven Paiano <> wrote:
> The unit I bought from eBay recently came with an 8 MB card that has a lot of packages on it. Shame to lose them yet I'm quite willing to do so in order to back my Baby up to it.

You shouldn't have to. The first thing to check is how much free space
is on the card. I believe you can see this info by tapping the "Card"
icon in the Extras drawer. It should show you how much is used, and
how much is free. If you have over half of the space free on this
card, you are good to go. Simply insert it into the Newton you want to
back up, and when the Card window pops up, tap the "Backup" button.

When it's done, you can insert it into your new Newton, and tape
Restore. You shouldn't need to reset or wipe either Newton or card.

However, if the card is more than half-full, you will have to erase something.

Matt Howe's email that just came in gave a good suggestion for backing
up to your computer. If you get that working, you can back up your New
Newt to the computer just for safe keeping. Then you can erase to your
heart's content (btw, don't _ever_ do an incremental backup with NCU.
Always move your older backup, and create a new, fresh file every
time--incremental backups seem to corrupt, and once corrupt, you can
not restore--so make a fresh backup every time) One other tidbit, if
you backup with NCU, you can back up both Newtons. Each gets its own
backup files.

But I still recommend card backups especially in this case. It will go
much faster. :-) I am hoping that you have over half your memory card

Oh, and one other point. I would still get yourself a 4 meg card (or
maybe another 8 meg?) and do double-backups. It is much safer that

> The newer one bleats piteously when the card is taken out that one of the apps needs the card to be inside and refuses to do anything until it is reinserted.

That's the Grip of Death. You just have to reinsert the card, and wait
until it releases it. If you can find on UNNA the package Card Eject,
you can use that to unmount the card, and save wear and tear on the
eject device in the Newton.

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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