Re: [NTLK] Request for Assistance

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 19:21:16 EST

> Recently, the on/off switch stopped working

This is not always a problem with the switch. Sometimes it is a
with the main logic board. I could send you a switch if you want, so
could check who the culprit is. All you'd need to do for this is
the bottom part of the case as described here:

> I loaded NBU on a PC running XP

To the best of my knowledge NBU will not work with a 2100, but I'm not
absolutely sure. I AM sure, though, that I never got it to work on my
Windows XP PC, whereas NCU works just fine.

> I'm guessing its a speed issue - the modern PC is too fast and
> the connection.

This might be the reason, but, again, you should stop trying to use
and switch to NCU before spending time on further tests. If with NCU
problem persists, you should start one or more instances of
which you will find at

> I've striven mightily to dig up a copy of the NCU for 2x00 with no

Such a beast dos not exist. NCU works with ALL Newtons that have OS
or later, which are

MP120 with ROM upgrade

> Does anyone know where to obtain one?

It is on every CD sold with the eMate or the 2x00 Newtons, you should
able to download it at unna, and to the best of my knowledge even
still has a page hidden somewhere where you can download it.

> The unit I bought from eBay recently came with an 8 MB card that has
> lot of packages on it. Shame to lose them yet I'm quite willing to
do so
> in order to back my Baby up to it.

You would not loose them by backing your Newton up to the card. Newton
backups live in a separate "drawer" on the card. All that's required
that there's as much space on the card left as is required for backing
up your Newton's internal memory. You can find out how much of the
internal memory your Newton uses by going to Extras and tapping "i"
"Memory Info".
How much space is left on the card can be found out by going to Extras
and tapping "card", or by ejecting and re-inserting the card.

> Should I wipe the machine to the ground

If you are talking of the newer machine, and if there's no data on
machine that you still need: Yes. If you are talking of the older
No, this won't be necessary.

> then do the same for the card

No, unless there is not enough free memory available on the card to
your Newton data up.

> then stick the card in the original machine


> back up to it


> then stick it in the newer machine?


> The newer one bleats piteously when the card is taken out that one
of the
> apps needs the card to be inside and refuses to do anything until it
> reinserted.

This is a programming mistake many programmers made because Apple made
really VERY difficult not to make it. It is lovingly called the "grip
of death".

Often, but not always, things can be resolved by actually re-inserting
card. It'll take a moment, then the Newton says that the card can be
ejected now. If this does not fix things, there's a package called
Card Eject
or some such out there that will address this problem.



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