Re: [NTLK] Paul's ATA drivers and registration

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 13:46:17 EST

Thanks for the answers.
Honestly, NEVER is a long time, and I have never known a situation to last that long.

(As in never be able to get back to the Newton)

Most programmers give up things for free like this when they are cutting ties and basically saying they will never get back to something. And it is a good thing, because we get awesome source code sometimes and free stuff... bad in the sense that it take new programmers years to pick it up, and you loose a talented coder.

If I had any suggestion at all, it would be this.... the ATA drivers as they stand work fairly well. This was a project that was in existance BEFORE the current job. Take registrations and money for your hard work. You've earned it. The stipulation would be that no FURTHER work would be done on the project during your current situation.

LATER when conditions in life change, you can continue the project.

Again, to say you will never get back to this... well, never is a long time. I find that honestly when people say "never" it tends to be no more than ten-fifteen years on average max. Our life generally outlives most of the "nevers" we say. :P

Doc Clu

To all of you out there that are saying "Shut up dood... he's going to offer the drivers to us for free"... well, being in multiple retro markets, Atari, Dreamcast, Amiga, and Newton.. yadda yadda, you see trends. Paul has a good grasp of the software he's written, and though it might cost us to register it, it shows him through this period in his life that there is still interest in this project. Maybe five-ten years down the line he will continue it. And in retro markets, that's really not a long time.

By then, maybe another solution will be found, or maybe at that time he'll show up out of the blue and say "Well, I got back around to working on this just out of fun and guess what I found out..." Happens all the time in the retro markets. :D

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Tantalizing - somewhat confirming what I thought the original exchange
implied - leading me to a hopeful speculation...
But it's clear we've probably said FAR more than enough already!

On 10. Nov.,`07, at 03:59 EST, Jon Glass wrote:

> On 11/10/07, James Wages <> wrote:
>> Indeed, it would be better to say "because he has
>> substantially less free time now, and he does not wish to use all
>> his free
>> time anymore to work on Newton programming, even as a hobby."
> is considered a conflict of interest with his
> work, and is no longer "allowed." I really don't want to say too much
> here, because some of my knowledge is based on private emails I had
> with him, hence my vagueness. However, he _did_ post on this list that
> he would have to discontinue working on his Newton projects because of
> his job in the industry, etc. ...

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