[NTLK] Xircon PortGear serial adapter

Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 09:43:29 EST

Hello All,
Rummaging through my box of cables and miscellaneous hardware, I came
across a Xircon Portgear (PGMSD8) serial adapter. Now that I'm using my
Newtons again, I was hoping it would solve my problem of connecting them
to my iMac (OS 10.3.9). I downloaded and installed the drivers I found
on the web (Intel), but can't transfer any packages.
Of course, I'm confused about where I am - I've tried working it out
through Package Installer in Classic, and NewTen in OSX, but, even
though the hardware is recognized in the System Profiler, I'm missing
Have any of you used the Xircon device? I know folks have successfully
used Keyspan, but that wasn't what I found in my box of stuff.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
Wendy Farkas

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