Re: [NTLK] MacJournal Sync One Way?

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 07:38:42 EST

On Nov 27, 2007 7:03 AM, G Herriman <> wrote:
> After using NCX, I can't see why there's a need or desire to use
> anything else for syncing. It seems like such a huge pain to me when
> NCX is essentially what everyone needs.

While NCX's package installation, backup & restore, import & export,
keyboard mode, and screenshot capturing is all excellent, I believe
that the functionality that Laurent is in need of is the actual
synchronization which Simon is still planning/working on.

> The NewtSync/MacJournal thing always seemed so tortured to me. I got
> it to work, but it wasn't nearly as elegant as NCX.

NewtSync in general has quite a few issues, but everybody seems to
have different successes and failures.

Here's part of the description of how the Journal Sync plug-in for
NewtSync which likely explains the issues you're having:

"The Newton always wins. Changes made on the Newton will sync to
MacJournal like always. But, so far, changes made on the Mac will not
update existing Newton data. Only Entries created on the Mac and never
synced before will create new Newton data. So the best way to alter an
entry on the Newton from Mac data is to delete the Newton note and
create a new MacJournal entry with the data."

So it looks like it doesn't exactly "sync" the notes, but provides
more of an import/export functionality like NCX.

You might try importing/exporting with NCX (or as described above,
with NewtSync) as it may not end up as painful as you'd expect. I use
BlueTooth to send/receive Dates, Names, and Notes entries back and
forth to my MacBook Pro and it works great for me. A little extra
hassle, but not much (at least for me).

Morgan Aldridge

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