Re: [NTLK] Goodbye

From: Matt Howe <>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 09:45:48 EST

I've been reading this thread with a bit of sadness. And I don't know if I
am the last heavy user or the rest just aren't commenting. I use my 2000U
everyday. It sets next to me on my desk all day long for addresses, dates,
notes, etc. It gets my private Email when I am away from home. I don't use
any kind of dictionary but I have a copy of "The Message" in it for my Bible
reading. I also have a copy of the Catholic Lectionary, an almanac, two or
three books (fiction and non-fiction) and other assorted apps. I carry it
every where I go in a messenger bag along with my hacked Nintendo DS, a hand
full of small tools and a cigar. (You should never be without a good cigar!)
People are still amazed when they look up into the sky, see a bright star
and say "hmmmm, I wonder what that is?" and I whip out my Newton with Star
chart and say things like, "It's not a star, it's Venus." I can tell them
the phase of the moon the time of sunrise or set. A list of all the medicine
I take or my wife takes. List of gifts for my wife and children going back
several years. A list of all of my DVD and VHS movies and all of my
son-in-law's movies. (He has about 1500. I only have about 300.) I am the
comptroller for the local Knights of Columbus Assembly. I have member
rosters with phone numbers, years of service, dues status. I carry maps in
it when we go on trips. I load my small hand held GPS with way points. Then
put driving instructions and maps in a Newton book links to the way points.
I track my work and volunteer hours with Time Recorder. Details of all of my
Santa Claus appearances. I play role playing games so I have character
sheets in newton books and dice rollers. I use it all of the time. My wife
and I are waiting for our table at the restaurant and I pull out the Newton
and we play black jack till called. I have wifi working and ethernet. I take
my wifi card every where and more and more places are providing free wifi
service so I can send and receive Email. I even have notes of my
granddaughter drawing on my Newton and a couple of audio notes of her
singing. I could go on and on but my Newton is NOT just a pda. It is my
portable computer, library, resource, game, information tool. I carry it
with me everywhere.

Matt (Ducky) Howe
Owner of a MP2000U and an Emate (Newton) (Newton server) (Desktop) (desktop)

Jon Glass wrote:
On Nov 28, 2007 11:16 AM, Lord Groundhog <> wrote:
> > On Nov 27, 2007, at 3:59 AM, Jon Glass wrote:
> >
> >> I suppose that, were I to admit it, I hardly use my Newton any more.
> >> It makes a good note-taking platform, ...
> >
> Interesting juxtaposition of points -- "gathering dust", "hardly use my
> Newton any more", over against "It makes a good note-taking platform".

Actually, it makes sense if you add in, "but I don't need to take many
notes any more." Actually, I do still take the odd note, but my needs
are more specific, in that my Tungsten has a couple apps I could not
live without--Polish-English dictionary(makes a great thesaurus) and
my Bible software--neither of which exist on the Newton, like I have
on my Palm.

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