[NTLK] FS: MP2000 (Upgraded to MP2100) & Accessories

From: Grant Hutchinson <grant_at_splorp.com>
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 22:49:49 EST

I am posting this on behalf of my friend Garrett Murray.


*** Please do not reply to the list regarding this item ***


For Sale (as a complete package only)

* Upgraded MessagePad 2000 (MessagePad 2100 equivalent)
* 4MB flash memory card
* Lucent WaveLan Turbo Silver WiFi card
* Newton serial keyboard (with original case)
* AC adaptor (3rd party)
* Keyspan 8-pin DIN serial to USB adaptor
* 8-pin DIN to standard serial cable
* 8-pin DIN to 8-pin SIN serial cable
* Original metal stylus
* Two original Newton blank card slot inserts

There is tons of software loaded, including Dashboard. It's
configured for internet and web access, including a configured
version of the NPDS web server.

The unit itself is in excellent condition. The top door is a
little wonky and there is a bit of wear on the back and corners,
but otherwise in wonderful shape.

$275USD (or best reasonable offer)

A photo of the entire package can be viewed here:


If you are interested in this package, please contact Garrett
directly at the following email address:

garrett _at_ maniacalrage _dot_ net

Thanks in advance for your interest.



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