[NTLK] WTB/WTT: Newtaway Keyboard setup or Newton keyboard

From: Matthew Reidsma <mreidsma_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 16:55:00 EST

Hello list,

Anyone have a Newtaway Keyboard adapter and a Palm keyboard they are
willing to part with? (I'm assuming that Doug isn't selling version
1.0 anymore.) I have an eMate with the hinges repaired I'd be willing
to trade for it. (I would recell the battery for you, too.) I also
have a lot of other miscellaneous Newton gear from the past 8 years
I'd trade, so let me know if you're looking for something. I'd also be
willing to pay for it if trading isn't an option. Worst case scenario
I'd take a Newton keyboard as well, but the keys are so uncomfortable
I'd prefer the Newtaway.

Since I've noticed a lot of new list members lately, here's some info:


You can send replies off-list. Thanks,

Matthew Reidsma :: Boston, MA USA
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