Re: [NTLK] newtontalk Digest V7 #523

From: Chod Lang <>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 21:24:38 EST

You're not alone Matt - as said by others.

I use my 2100 every day. I'm in the furniture repair business and
service clients from my van. I keep all my appointments in the date
book, their names in the Names section, do my invoicing in Time
Reporter and print via infrared to my HP 350.
I sketch plans, projects and dimensions on the Newton and use Pocket
Quicken for my receipts and expenses.

I also bought a Treo 700p 2 years ago thinking that it might be a
modern replacement for the Newton. Although I like many features on
it , (Google Maps) mainly, it has not proven itself to be better than
the Newton for my uses. It's a great little gadget for emailing
photos and doing web searches but the Newton remains the workhorse.

As always, I'll keep my eyes open for the new Newton when the time
All the best to this great community.

Happy Holidays.


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