Re: [NTLK] Heavy users, and all that

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 07:48:59 EST

On Nov 30, 2007 4:22 AM, Simon Stapleton <> wrote:
> I'm another one that uses their Newt all the time. All my project
> tracking is done on the Newt, and I use PT100 for occasionally
> rebooting my servers (it's the only machine I have that has a serial
> port and doesn't take 15 minutes to boot :), all my addresses are on
> it, all my time tracking, notes, birthdays, gh0d, I've got loads of
> stuff on there. I'd be lost without it. And the screen's going
> "jaggy"...

I use my MessagePad 2100 every day as well and for many of the same
tasks. It's mostly my address book and calendar, but I also use it for
all my meeting notes, Adam Tow's Alarm Clock wakes me up every
morning, I keep track of my finances with PocketMoney, and
occasionally catch up on Daring Fireball or read a book when on the

I've got it decked out with WiFi and BlueTooth, but I have to admit
that since going BlueTooth I don't really use WiFi except to install
large packages (e.g. books, mp3s, etc.) or to sync the clock. I send
meeting notes, Name & Dates entries between my MacBook Pro and the
Newton constantly and even keep my calendar in sync (manually) with
Google Calendar by importing the Dates entries into it.

I used to also use Mail V for email, but since switching to Gmail I no
longer have the nice use-anywhere, non-SSL IMAP & SMTP access that my
.Mac account used to provide. But, let's face it, I can probably find
a computer that can access Gmail's web interface anywhere I go at this

Morgan Aldridge

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