Re: [NTLK] Newton screen shots

From: James Wages <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 2007 - 20:45:27 EDT

On 10/17/07 9:41 PM, Bob Chen <> wrote:
> OK, then my question is how to create the
> screen shot "file" for the Newton?

An excellent question to which I did not see a decent answer for in my
NewtonTalk Digest today.

One person suggested "DyneTK" but I took one look at that webpage and gave
up. Yet another person suggested "EE Transfer" but then sends us to a
non-English website. And yet others suggest a webserver setup that is no
only complex (to me) but requires something other than a serial cable and
NCX to exchange data. Another indirectly suggested ditching our Newton
altogether in order to make a screen shot via the Einstein emulator.

So after going through all the chit chat today and yesterday on this topic,
it would appear that NCX is the best transfer solution (I myself prefer
serial), and that something under the File menu will help us initiate the
transfer of the screen shot. But that leads us back to Bob Chen's pointed

Therefore, can someone please give us a direct download URL for a Newton
Package in the English language that makes screen shot files we can download
with NCX and immediate view on our Macs?

It shouldn't be this complex, folks! Keep it simple!

Thank you,

James Wages

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